Ellie Young, Gold Street Studios

“The photographs are spiritual, tranquil but with an energy that pulls you into the depth of the waves – you cannot look away.”

Simon Johnston, Professor, ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena California

“Rob Love’s beautifully crafted images of waves capture the ceaseless energy and flux of the ocean, and by implication, all of nature. This is what each moment, each now, looks like: ever renewing, ever fresh, ever different.”

Dr John Horton, Hanzelik and Horton medical practice, Westlake Village, CA

“Rob Love’s photographs have graced our medical practice reception area for many years. Patients frequently ask where a photo was taken or who the artist is. We have a mix of photographers in reception, but the comments and questions are always about Rob’s work. Our patients have come to expect a warm, calming and welcoming feeling in our office and Rob’s photos are a big part of that feeling. One image in particular is a beach in late dusk with the most incredible amber light, waves and twinkling lights in the background, waves and sand in a perfect dance. Rob not only has an eye, but can capture nature at its most gorgeous!”

Jordie Albiston, winner of the 2010 NSW Premier’s Award for poetry

“Rob Love’s clouds are unique: moody, majestic beings that possess something godlike. I have a fuming cumulonimbus on my wall, with thirteen tiny birds flying across its mouth. These birds are so perfect, I thought Rob must have photoshopped them: he hadn’t. My cloud is alive. It has continued to change & alter (as well as changing & altering me) years after first finding its place on my wall.”